A Quick Diagnosis and Surgery Saved My Life

My name is Vandanabai Gadekar and I live in Hanuman Nagar village located in Aurangabad tehsil in Maharashtra.
A year back, following a relative’s advice, I attended a women’s health awareness camp in Kumbhephal, Aurangabad. However, I happened to ignore my health as I was pre-occupied with the responsibility of the education for my child. Despite having suffered for almost a year, I avoided seeking any help.
I then attended the health awareness camp held by the GeBBS Foundation. This is when I was urged into taking my health seriously. The doctor at the camp advised me to come to MGM Hospital, Aurangabad for further tests. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I was admitted to the hospital. I then underwent a successful tumor removal surgery. The entire process happened in a span of eight days.
The credit for my well-being goes to the volunteers at GeBBS Foundation and the doctors at MGM Hospital. They persistently followed up throughout my diagnosis, treatment and recovery. I …

A Ray of Hope in the Darkness

My name is Shantabai Devidas Thorat. I live in Manjari village located in Gangapur Taluka of Aurangabad. The region that we live in is prone to frequent droughts as a result of which, a lot of residents face harsh living conditions along with several financial problems.

Because of such conditions that I lived in, I was trying to avoid seeking medical help, despite suffering for many years. One fine day, I was informed about a health checkup camp being held in our village by Bharti Jalinder Malkar. Bharti who happens to be an ASHA worker also got the enrolment form filled for me at the local government hospital.
On the day of the health camp, I went to get myself tested along with the other women of the village. I was told to come to MGM Hospital, once I received my reports.
After having shown my reports, I was admitted at the MGM hospital for my treatment for cervical cancer. I underwent a cervical hysterectomy and the subsequent treatment which was 100 % free.
The health camp was a …

Physical Activity and Breast Cancer

We have heard for years that physical activity is important for your health. Many people exercise to prevent heart disease. But did you know that exercise can also play a key role in preventing cancer – especially breast cancer?

Over a couple of dozen studies have shown that women who exercise, have a 30 to 40 percent lower risk of breast cancer than their less active counterparts. Exercise may lower cancer risk by helping control weight, controlling release of hormones like estrogen, and strengthen the immune system. Additionally, exercise can boost quality of life during cancer treatment.

High estrogen levels in blood can lead to an increased risk for breast cancer. Exercise lowers blood estrogen, leading to a reduced breast-cancer risk. Exercise also reduces other cancer-growth factors such as insulin.

Physical activity has been associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer in both premenopausal and postmenopausal women. However, this is more pronounced in postmenopausal women,…

Fact Check: Breast Cancer

·Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among women in India

·India is experiencing an increase in the cases of breast cancer in the age group of 30 to 50 and the same is likely to increase

·Only 66.1% women diagnosed with breast cancer between 2010 and 2014 could survive. India happens to have one of the lowest survival rates for breast cancer

·One woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, in India, every 4 minutes

·India has a predominant young population and hence the number of women being diagnosed with breast cancer is only going to increase.

In a nutshell, breast cancer cannot be prevented. If it has to happen, it will happen.

However, the mortality due to breast cancer can definitely be reduced. This is possible only through awareness of breast cancer symptoms and reporting to the doctor on time.

Early detection of breast cancer can save a number of lives!

Doctor Speaks: Fighting Cervical Cancer

About one-third of the cases of cervical cancer across the globe are from India. A major cause of cervical cancer is the human papilloma virus (HPV) infection which is a result of poor genital hygiene. The disease develops at a slow pace and most women tend to ignore the symptoms. It is only when it reaches its advanced stage, when their condition aggravates. Sadly, the treatment at this stage becomes difficult with low success rate.
Cervical cancer is preventable if the disease is detected at an early stage and is treated on time. A Pap smear is very important to detect the HPV infection at an early stage and thereby, prevent cervical cancer. The Papanicolaou test or the Pap smear is a method of cervical screening used to detect potentially precancerous and cancerous processes in the cervix.
I am extremely happy to see that GeBBS Foundation is actively championing this cause. It is heartening to see it supporting women’s empowerment and health with its efforts to eradicate the disea…

Can a healthy diet help mitigate Cervical Cancer?

Certain foods may help protect you against cervical cancer. While there is no such thing as a magical food that will keep you cancer-free, a diet high in flavonoids, folate and carotenoids found in fruits and vegetables can help the body fight the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection – a major cause of cervical cancer.
A study published in the journal Cancer Research found that certain chemical compounds — indicating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables — helped prevent the progression of persistent high-risk HPV infection to cervical cancer. Experts suggest a plant-based diet made up of nutritious foods rich in flavonoids, folate and carotenoids in all meals throughout the day.
Flavonoids are chemical compounds in fruits and vegetables that are thought to be a leading source protection against cancer. A few examples of flavonoid-rich foods include apples, asparagus (shatavari) black beans (kala ghewda), broccoli, cabbage, cranberries, garlic, lettuce, lima beans (pavta), onions, soy…

Benefitting Many More, One Camp at a Time

My name is Vandanabai Ghaiwat. I live in Sarati, a remote village located in Sillod Taluka of Aurangabad. We are about 110 kms away from the main city and our village is devoid of any health facility.
Travelling to Aurangabad city is an expensive affair and we try avoiding the visit to the hospital because of our modest background. But thanks to GeBBS Foundation, I could get a health check-up done close to my home.
There have been quite a few health camps in our village. However, not many villagers were benefited due a lack of access and a general awareness. But during this camp held by GeBBS Foundation, the volunteers have provided me complete support right till my Hysterectomy, which was suggested after my health check-up.
I am completely hale and hearty now and it is heartening when the volunteers at GeBBS Foundation continue to enquire about my health over phone on a regular basis.
It gives me immense joy thinking that many more women like me from my village are likely to be bene…