Our Volunteers are Outgoing, Accommodating and Self-motivated

Our volunteers continuously support our activities and spread Cervical Cancer awareness in different villages. Their experience and knowledge help us to develop wider networks. Through our regular camps our volunteers share their passion and experiences to spread awareness and promote change in regards to Cervical Cancer.
As one of our volunteer Rahul Chavan shared his experience “Cervical and Breast cancer are most common disease among women worldwide but if it is detected at an earlier stage then it can be treated and cured. To detect this condition PAP test and Mammography test is essential. GeBBS Foundation is actively working for the society. GeBBS Foundation along with the Zillah Parishad and the MGM doctors are continuously providing aid to the women in the rural areas through free check-up camps. These camps are organized in a well-equipped mobile van ‘Clinic on Wheels’ where the MGM doctors conduct a thorough check-up.
To spread further awareness, GeBBS Foundation had also o…

Our Volunteers; Our Pride

With our mission ‘Be the change you want to see’, we continue to add value to the people in the rural areas. Our volunteers, doctors and nurses visit different villages to spread awareness and provide medical aid to the women. Our volunteers along with the Zillah Parishad ASHA workers visit different villages to educate the villagers. They play a vital role in our organization by providing timely support to people, the community and the society.
The ASHA workers are a great source of support and are actively involved in various programs. One such program is the ‘Breast CancerAwareness Rally’. One of our active volunteers Juned Shaikh stated that “Connecting, communicating and spreading awareness related to Breast cancer in different villages with GeBBS Foundation team as volunteer coordinator is a good way of giving back to the society. It is a great experience to become active in the society and educate women and make them aware about their health issues. As a volunteer, I feel fort…

A surprise diagnosis brings life-changing news

I am Mangalbai and I am determined to live my LIFE…. Not my disease. My experience with Cervical Cancer is utmost important to me because through this story I want to help, inform and educate women in the rural areas. I must say that I have learned a lot through my Cervical Cancer survival journey.
Through this journey, I realized that Cervical Cancer is nearly completely preventable and the best time to prevent the disease is to go through regular screening process. Hence, when an ASHA worker – Shubhangi informed me about the Cervical Cancer detection camp at my village, I did not give a second thought to visit the camp. I immediately filled the form with the help of other ASHA workers and was all set to visit the Cervical Cancer detection camp which took place at my village – Bhendala.
After visiting the camp and after doing my initial check-ups in GeBBS Foundation cancer detection van ‘Clinic on Wheels’, I realized that I am suffering from Cervical Cancer. The doctors then suggest…

Cervical Cancer care after the treatment

Cervical cancer is the second highest common cause of death for women worldwide. The diagnosis, the treatment and the follow‐up strategies for cervical cancer require attention. Cancer survivors can be affected by number of health problems, but often a major concern is a relapse. Cancer that comes back after treatment is called a recurrence.

Follow-up care is required to check for relapse. Cancer recurs because at times small areas of cancer cells remain undetected in the body. Over the time, these cells increase in number until they show up on test results or cause signs or symptoms. During follow-up care, the doctor gives personalized information about the risk of recurrence. The first follow-up appointment within 6 weeks of treatment should be:
·3 - 6 months for the first 2 years ·6 - 12 months for the following 3 to 5 years Some of the symptoms of cervical cancer recurrence include: ·Weight loss·Fatigue·Back pain·Leg pain or swelling·Bone pain persistent

After completing treatment f…

Jijabai's success story

Cervical Cancer affected me many years ago when I faced severe uterus pain. The unbearable pain made me visit a small clinic in my village – Gundachi Wadi. The doctor in the clinic prescribed few medicines which provided temporary relief. Eventually I felt that something wasn’t right and hence I got myself rechecked by the doctor who suggested me to visit a hospital. Due to my financial condition and plenty of other challenges such as family responsibilities and the nature of my work, I failed to take a second opinion and visit the hospital.  
Finally, on 11th of August, Parveen Ali- an ASHA volunteer visited my place. She was the first person to make me aware about Cervical cancer and the importance of healthcare check-ups. She informed me about the screening camps which were taking place in my village. Parveen handed me a form which I had to fill up. That is when I realized that I was familiar with the symptoms which were mentioned in the form. I immediately decided to visit the c…

Why to fear when PAP Smear test is here?

A PAP Smear test is not a popular activity, but the 5 minutes procedure is the most essential and lifesaving test for women. Hence it is very important for all women to get the right information about PAP Smear and its significance to ease the fear of the medical tests. This test is essential for detecting Cervical Cancer.
It is always a best practice for all women between the age group of 21 to 65 to plan an annual visit for cervical cancer examination, which is PAP Smear test or HPV test. It not just tells women about the risk of cervical cancer but also warns women about several gynecological issues.
To reduce the mortality rate of cervical cancer in the rural areas, we organize regular healthcare check-up camps in the rural areas of Aurangabad. These camps are conducted in various villages where, medical check-ups are done in our well-equipped mobile van ‘Clinic on Wheels’. Here, we offer a free Pap Smear and Calposcopy tests along with the general medical check-ups. These tests ar…

Defeat Cervical cancer before it defeats you!

Cervical cancer does not reveal any symptoms during its early stage. This Cancer can only be diagnosed through a PAP Smear screening test. Hence to reduce the risk factor, all women are recommended to go through this test at least once every 3 years until the age of 30. There are thousands of women who miss to evaluate their general state of health and increase the risk of developing Cervical Cancer. This scenario is predominant in rural India. So it is important to do an early check-up and have a better chance of successful treatment. The mortality rate of Cervical Cancer is much higher in the rural areas and India tops the list globally. This being a 100% preventable disease, women must be aware about the symptoms. To eradicate this, it is important that rural areas should have regular awareness and detection programs. To bring in the change we want to see, we, GeBBS Foundation regularly spread awareness and organize healthcare camps in the rural areas of Aurangabad. Through our c…